Shattered Dream

Every time you make promises,
You tempt to forget and let go,
Don't you remember our summer dream,
To be kept and behold near,

Lately you running away,
From me and the future that we build,
I stand alone with tears,
On the ground of our dreams,

Dreams can be shattered,
From the reach of ones hands,
Could this be the end,
Of the love that we stand.

My heart start to ache,
And the pain start to killing me,
What is left of us?
Only a shattered dream.


my eyes have for told that we have a future,
A past that's dark can't be erase
but can be fixed if we believe it,

a love so strong it hurt when u break it ,
like a bond of string cut from edge to edge

if we believe in our dream who know when it will come true
dream change be broken or shattered
but a dream u can always change when you want it.

never say farewell to it cos you might never know when it comes back to you in the way u want it

--love u baby--

July 3, 2008 at 9:25 AM  

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