Remember the time I carried you around,
Inside the wound of mine,
How pain and hurt it feels,
But I never cared.

Remember the day I lay on the hospital bed,
Giving birth to you in to this world,
Screaming and pushing with all my life,
And yet in my mind I only think about you.

Remember the time I supported you,
One the first day you start to walk,
Even I am tired after a long of work,
I still keep support you when you need one.

Remember the time you start to talk,
You ask so many questions for just a child,
Even I found it quite annoyance,
I still keep answering a soft assurance voice.

When you grow up,
Remember this, my child,
If you raise you voice with annoyed,
Remember that you will strike an arrow to my heart.

If you look away with the hatred eyes,
Remember that you will break my heart.

If you left me when I am old and need you,
Remember that you will shade my painful tears.

My dear child,
I am your mother,
How hurt it can be to raise you,
But remember that I always love you

" I wrote this poetry is to express my feeling for being a mother someday. This verses is to remind my children or other people we should always respect and appreciate our mother. They are our protector,our best friend and our place to comfort. I understand how some children thinks that our mothers are being to harsh on us sometimes but remember , the reason mothers keep on nagging is because they love us so much."

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