A sad lament

Dark clouds shadows the sun,

Drizzling rain wet the earth,

Sound of soft chirping cricket follow,

Filling the emotion of sad and sorrow.

The end side grave been disturbed,

Black soil dug out to gave the space,

So deep and dark and narrow,

Yet not to mention very shallow.

As the bell rang from the nearby church,

People dress in black -walk out the church,

Towards the graveyard that lays quite,

No mortal dare to disturbed its silent.

A Priest stood above the disturbed grave,

Singing a soft sad lament of life and death,

Tears fall down accompany by grief,

As the black casket lay down to the earth.

Everything that is alive will accompany by death,

So lets be grateful before we out of breath,

This is sad lament to respect the dead,

Please rest in peace forever in grace.

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