Remember the time I carried you around,
Inside the wound of mine,
How pain and hurt it feels,
But I never cared.

Remember the day I lay on the hospital bed,
Giving birth to you in to this world,
Screaming and pushing with all my life,
And yet in my mind I only think about you.

Remember the time I supported you,
One the first day you start to walk,
Even I am tired after a long of work,
I still keep support you when you need one.

Remember the time you start to talk,
You ask so many questions for just a child,
Even I found it quite annoyance,
I still keep answering a soft assurance voice.

When you grow up,
Remember this, my child,
If you raise you voice with annoyed,
Remember that you will strike an arrow to my heart.

If you look away with the hatred eyes,
Remember that you will break my heart.

If you left me when I am old and need you,
Remember that you will shade my painful tears.

My dear child,
I am your mother,
How hurt it can be to raise you,
But remember that I always love you

" I wrote this poetry is to express my feeling for being a mother someday. This verses is to remind my children or other people we should always respect and appreciate our mother. They are our protector,our best friend and our place to comfort. I understand how some children thinks that our mothers are being to harsh on us sometimes but remember , the reason mothers keep on nagging is because they love us so much."


Drops of water from the sky,
Tears from Heaven’s river,
Washing the earth from its filth,
Turning the brown land to greener.

Flowers that withered turn vigorous,
Drought River become half- full,
Frogs start to sing their sonnet,
And wind murmured among the trees.

But alas, must be warn,
For heavy pour create catastrophe,
River pours out from its place,
And mudflow create ruins.

A sad lament

Dark clouds shadows the sun,

Drizzling rain wet the earth,

Sound of soft chirping cricket follow,

Filling the emotion of sad and sorrow.

The end side grave been disturbed,

Black soil dug out to gave the space,

So deep and dark and narrow,

Yet not to mention very shallow.

As the bell rang from the nearby church,

People dress in black -walk out the church,

Towards the graveyard that lays quite,

No mortal dare to disturbed its silent.

A Priest stood above the disturbed grave,

Singing a soft sad lament of life and death,

Tears fall down accompany by grief,

As the black casket lay down to the earth.

Everything that is alive will accompany by death,

So lets be grateful before we out of breath,

This is sad lament to respect the dead,

Please rest in peace forever in grace.


You make me felt so weak,
so lifeless and yet so fragile my body,
Till I can not wake myself from bed,
I feel so ache all through the bones.

My throat become swollen and sour
All the food I eat tasteless
But somehow I have to swallow the food and medication,
so that I can be better.

Blankets feel so hot,
my temperature is rising 37 degree,
my body is overheated,
making me sweats all over.

You know you are my worst enemy,
With all the medication I prescribe,
I will make sure you go away,
Far away until can never be a burden to me again.

Shattered Dream

Every time you make promises,
You tempt to forget and let go,
Don't you remember our summer dream,
To be kept and behold near,

Lately you running away,
From me and the future that we build,
I stand alone with tears,
On the ground of our dreams,

Dreams can be shattered,
From the reach of ones hands,
Could this be the end,
Of the love that we stand.

My heart start to ache,
And the pain start to killing me,
What is left of us?
Only a shattered dream.


Hearts thorn to pieces,
Teardrop on a fragile eyelash,
Feeling outrage at ones sin,
The love that one's knew,
Will never return again.

Lovelorn she said
Let the love be fade,
Along with the season that swift,
But how the loneliness ease,
The pain inside that keep hurting.

When a girl in Love

When a girl in love,
She never care less,
What she have to go through,
Unless she gets to be with him.

When a girl in love,
She is blinded,
With all the good time they have together,
Every moment is happiness to her.

When a girl in love,
Her heart beat faster,
Every time she is around him,
And share the air he breath.

When a girl in love,
She worried,
Every time he is not around,
For she afraid his love will fade.

When a girl in love,
She change just for him,
To be better for him,
And give all her heart to him.

When a girl in love,
She wish to build a family with him,
Taking care every thing for him,
And do remember to love her always.

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